Score One for Indonesia

It’s been almost five months, but our landlord, English Hutasoit (his real name), has finally returned our security deposit via wire transfer.  This is great.  We had pretty much written off this money, over five hundred smackers, as lost.  Ever try to deal with a faceless corporation who owes you something, and you have no bargaining leverage over it?  Try doing that, over the phone to another country, one of the most corrupt in the world, where property rights might charitably be described as "still in flux", in another language. 

But JM went to get some cash from the bank today and noticed that our account had significantly more money in it than we thought.  We checked our statement outline, and lo and behold, there was an international bank transfer from PT Ciptanuansa Inti, our landlord’s corporation.  Sweet.  Using our rule that almost nothing works in Indonesia, but everything almost works in Malaysia, we expect to get our security deposit back from Mr. Chin approximate two months after we leave.