Shop Till You Drop

JM and Lindsey had a great day of shopping today while I holed myself up in the library and read about how unfair the government is here.  The topic of the day for me was pengundi hantu, or "ghost voters", who seem to show up at close elections in Malaysia to vote for the ruling party.  The topic of the day for them was souvenirs and batik, which they got to purchase in abundance.  They also got Lindsey one last serving of roti canai for the road, because you just can’t get stuff like that at home.

We had a nice final dinner at a Chinese restaurant in town where we tried, for the first time for all of us, Peking Duck.  That’s a really tasty dish.  Since we’ve never had it before we don’t know what’s usual, but do they normally cut off the skin for you into little pieces and wrap it in eggy pancakes with scallions and cucumber?  For dessert we tried lotus cakes, which were tasty, except for the soft-cooked duck egg’s yolk in the middle, which was sort of terrible.  Guess you can’t win them all.

Right now we’re staying up trying to get information on these blasts in London.  Our only friend there right now is fine, which is nice to hear.  We hope that the bad news is not too bad, and await new news.

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  1. fazu July 11, 2005

    Oh yes. In the top-end restaurants, cutting off the skin has been developed to a high form of art and is a kind of a performance in itself. A long-trained chef would come with a short sword and start artfully skinning the roasted chicken with swift clean strokes. Yummy, yummy!
    What’s scallion?

  2. Tom July 13, 2005

    Scallions are daun bawang. Sometimes you here them called green onions.

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