Tom Pepinsky

I am Tisch University Professor in the Department of Government at Cornell University and a Nonresident Senior Fellow in the Foreign Policy Program at the Brookings Institution.

I study the interaction of political and economic systems, mostly in emerging market economies. I am also interested in how we construct explanations and make inferences in the social sciences. You can read my CV here.

I have a special interest in Southeast Asia, and am a faculty affiliate of the Southeast Asia Program at Cornell (SEAP), co-founder and member of the Executive Board of the Southeast Asia Research Group (SEAREG), and past president of the American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS). I am also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Analytical Learning about Islam and Muslim Societies (AALIMS).

This page has links to my research, including papers and presentation slides, replication materials, and a list of current and past collaborators; and syllabi and other information on the courses that I teach. You might also be interested in my blog. Sign up for office hours here.

Contact Info

Department of Government
Cornell University
322 White Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853