Pictures from Melaka and Langkawi

We’ve put up a whole bunch of pictures from our trips with Lindsey to Langkawi and Melaka.  We hope to get a couple more pictures when Lindsey gets here digital pictures all set up as well.

There are also a couple more pictures from our travels around KL, including one of me (TP) in my Indonesian batik shirt and a great picture from JM of a sunrise looking out of our apartment window.

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  1. Jeff July 11, 2005

    I googled Matcincang, and got this at,193303/465/record.html
    “One of the more prominent peaks on Langkawi, Gunung Mat Cincang, was believed to have been a giant, known as Mat Cincang, who was cursed and turned into a mountain. Fables aside, today the mountain rises in a spectacular skyline of crags that glow pink in the sunset and is part of the Mat Cincang Range which comprises of some of the oldest rock formations in Malaysia, dated about 2,400 million years old. For trekking on the mountain, a guide possessing a Kembara Licence (issued by the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board) is necessary and can be arranged by tour operators.”

  2. Tom July 11, 2005

    I love Google. Of course, that just redefines the problem of why Mat Cincang was called Cincang. I’m wondering if perhaps Cincang is a homonym with some other word derived from Thai or one of the funky northern Malay dialects.

  3. Kem July 12, 2005

    In Indonesian-Malay, Cincang means ‘to chop into thin slices’

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