Working Papers

These are current working papers only, and more recent versions may be available upon request. See my CV for a full list of publications. Links to most of my published work can be found here and at my Google Scholar profile.

The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis and the Politics of Public Opinion: Evidence from Hungary (Ádám Reiff and Krisztina Szabó, October 2022, Paper)
Hungarians responded differently to the 2022 Ukrainian refugee crisis than to the 2015 European refugee crisis because Ukrainian refugees were mostly white Christian Europeans.

Biased Learning in Elections (with Andrew Little and Andrew Mack, August 2022, Paper)
Motivated reasoning leads to platform divergence when parties try to learn what is popular from election results.

The Political Construction of Indigeneity: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia (with Risa J. Toha, June 2022, Paper)
Indigeneity is a political construct, and a close analysis of ethnic Chinese politics in Singkawang, Indonesia demonstrates how.

Voting in Authoritarian Elections (with Turkuler Isiksel, September 2019, Paper)
Should citizens vote in authoritarian elections? It depends.
Prepared for the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (Washington, DC).