Working Papers

These are current working papers only, and more recent versions may be available upon request. See my CV for a full list of publications. Links to most of my published work can be found here and at my Google Scholar profile.

Partisanship, Health Behavior, and Policy Attitudes in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Shana Kushner Gadarian and Sara Wallace Goodman, March 2020, Paper)
Partisanship was the single strongest predictor of health behaviors in the United States as of March 2020.

Does Proximity to Nazi Concentration Camps Make Germans Intolerant? Modeling Spatial Heterogeneity and Historical Persistence (with Sara Wallace Goodman and Conrad Ziller, March 2020, Paper)
Accounting for regional heterogeneity is essential when studying the historical roots of contemporary politics.

“Voting for Islam”: Ideologies, Brands, and Demographics (January 2020, Paper, Slides)
Voting for an Islamic party is not always a vote for Islam, and voting for a non-Islamic party sometimes is.

Voting in Authoritarian Elections (with Turkuler Isiksel, September 2019, Paper)
Should citizens vote in authoritarian elections? It depends.
Prepared for the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (Washington, DC).

Migrants, Minorities, and Populism in Asia (June 2019, Paper, Slides)
There are few exclusionary populists in Asia because “the people” is a generally inclusive concept.

On Whorfian Socioeconomics (January 2019, Paper, Slides)
It’s too easy to find correlations between linguistic features and survey responses.

Islam, Identity, and the Organizational Roots of Political Tolerance (with Jeremy Menchik, August 2018, Paper, Slides)
Tolerance is inherently situational, and Indonesian Muslim elites differ in predictable ways in their tolerance for Christians.
Prepared for the 2018 Meeting of the American Political Science Association (Boston, MA).

Discovery of Social Beliefs About Ethnic Structure from Survey Data (August 2017, Paper)
New conceptual tools and empirical methods for studying ethnic structure, using a topic modeling approach.