Unrest, Violence, and Race in Papua

The past several weeks have seen sustained unrest in Indonesian Papua. The proximate cause was the shameful treatment of Papuan students living in Surabaya, East Java who were alleged to have desecrated the Indonesian flag on Indonesia’s independence day. But this is just a trigger; the issues are far deeper. Today’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald provides a good overview of the historical context and contemporary problems. The protests in cities like Jayapura, Manokwari, and Sorong have left multiple people dead. The government suspended internet service in Papua for a time, and police have cracked down on protestors and militants (both real and alleged).

Over the 15 years that I’ve been blogging about Indonesian politics, Papuan affairs have been a constant theme. Below is a list of posts touching on Papua, with some background information and context that may prove useful.

The two places to watch for in-depth coverage of Papua going forward are New Mandala and IPAC. Neither has written about the protests yet, but they certainly will soon.