Crowdsourcing Election Monitoring

I noted the other day that Indonesia’s electoral commission (KPU) is putting massive amounts of data online, including scanned images of every single polling station’s final report. For example, polling station 1, Keude Bakongan village, Bakongan subdistrict, Aceh Selatan District, Aceh Province:

This has enabled enterprising citizens to develop tools to crowdsource election monitoring, as in this website that allows you to fill in data from scans of each polling station’s forms.

We can begin to see results. Results will probably be out faster than KPU itself.

Crowdsourcing election monitoring: What a time to be alive.

PS: Yes, the report that a polling station Tempat Pemungutan Suara submits is a probably best denoted as a TPS report. I really hope they’re including the cover sheets.