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Gender Segregation in U.S. Political Science Doctorates

My sociology colleague Kim Weeden recently shared her paper in Sociological Science (coauthored with Sarah Thébaud and Dafna Gelbgiser) entitled “Degrees of Difference: Gender Segregation of U.S. Doctorates by Field and Program Prestige.” It studies the relative degree of gender segregation across academic fields among earned U.S. doctoral degress, using statistical models that allow the […]

Bias, Learning, and Observational Research

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the first time I saw Gerber, Green, and Kaplan‘s “The Illusion of Learning from Observational Research” (PDF): eating some peanut butter cookies in the back of a seminar room filled with august political scientists discussing methodology and the study of politics. I remember the […]