The Great Puzzle of New Order Development

I’ve written before that economic growth under the New Order regime is one of the great questions in Indonesian politics, with obvious implications for comparative politics. From my obituary of Soeharto:

If economic development were easy, every regime would do it.  Few regimes have.  Soeharto’s New Order was one of them.

Alongside the constitutive role of the killings in 1965-66, economic performance under the New Order is one of the key questions that animate scholars of that regime. Here is one way that we might visualize the scale of this question


This is from today’s lecture on the New Order, always a fun one to plan, but a hard one to give because it’s hard to restrain my own enthusiasm for the details and ironies of Indonesian political history.

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  1. Matt Winters February 25, 2014

    Very nicely provides a case where economic growth is more volatile under authoritarianism and less so under democracy.

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