New Suit

A friend of mine always says that when he travels to developing or transition economies, he goes to a tailor and gets a new suit.  Well, JM and I took his advice and checked out a tailor at a nice mall here.  We were in the market for a sport coat, but we decided upon looking at the prices that an entire suit was in order.  We picked it up yesterday, and boy, are we glad that we made this decision.  There really isn’t anything like a suit that is made precisely for your own body.  There’s also nothing quite like a suit made out of super-160s wool, either.  And you can’t beat the price–cheaper than anything but the most basic suit available at Men’s Wearhouse.  Fortunately, the guy at the store has my measurements, and swears that he will make me a new suit whenever I want and just put it in the mail for me.

Now, the next step is to never gain any weight.  That means no more travelling to Malaysia, a credit to how good the food is here.