Vietnamese Food and Motorcycle Kitties

We had two friends visit us while we were in Malaysia last time, and each of them was a cat fan.  So, we took each of them to see our favorite sight in Malaysia.  This is a guy named Jamil Ismail who keeps a harem of trained cats that he rescued from the streets of KL.  He brings them out to a busy street in the touristy neighborhood of Bukit Bintang, where they sleep on a motorcycle that is not only running, but also blaring really loud music.  Cheesy, perhaps, but whatever.  It’s a little disturbing that we’ve been there so many times that he knows us, even enough to know that we speak Malay.

Anyway, Jamil is online now.  It seems that he updates his cat pictures about every single day.  This guy is no joke, he really like cats.  OK, maybe he’s a little crazy, but who cares?

The point of this is that we saw the motorcycle kitties last night when we were out for dinner with friends at one of our favorite restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.  It’s a Vietnamese restaurant called Sao Nam that has excellent dishes like mangosteen salad and duck with tamarind.  Last night we had (1) dragonfruit salad, (2) prawn and mangosteen salad, (3) duck with tamarind, (4) salmon with dill and fish sauce, (5) deep fried eggplant, (6) grilled chicken and herbs with rice noodles, (7) beef soup (pho), plus some desserts and a nice red wine.  The decor is “ironic Communist,” with all sorts of prints of political posters all over the walls.  We took pictures both of the cat and of the restaurant (start here, click Next >> to scroll through other new ones).

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  1. Tom July 17, 2006

    That is so ridiculous. Yes, that’s what he looks like. Now, Stanley (your Stanley) would probably never stand for such behavior. Voltron would definitely not. How in the WORLD does Jamil do it?
    (In other news, I’ve looked up Jamil online by googling “Jamil Ismail” and “cat”. Turns out, he’s had complaints from the neighbors about cat poop. Not such a big surprise.)

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