One More Word List

Today is our last day in KL before heading off to a working vacation in Canberra followed by a real vacation in northern Queensland and Sydney.  In honor of this last day, another list of silly spellings.

aiskrim        A tasty treat on a hot day
canselori     Where the office of the canselor of your university is
fasad            The front of something, like a building. 
fesyen         It’s important to be concerned with this if you want to have stail
mel              Letters and packages; synonymous with the pos
sosis             Like politik, you do not want to see this being made

Furthermore, we have found our new favorite idiom.  In Malay, to say "a day late and a dollar short," you say nasi telah menjadi bubur, which means literally "the rice has already become porridge."  Awesome.

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