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Lorraine Chuen on Food, Race, and Power

This is relevant to my interests (HT Angry Asian Man). The amount of power that White people hold continues to both amaze and disturb me. White folks have the power to tease, torment, and mock (this food smells like poo,

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Finding and Eating the Old Malacca

Yesterday I took a day trip from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca. I first visited in 2005, and things have changed. What then seemed like a pleasant little historic town has been aggressively developed for the tourist market. The development is

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First Mee Hokkien

I recently learned that I am no longer allergic to shellfish. I first received a diagnosis of a shellfish allergy back in 2004 after undergoing the standard allergy test, but since then had never experienced an adverse reaction despite several

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Indonesian-Australian Meat Relations Redux

Five years ago, during a visit to Canberra, I wrote a bit about a surprisingly important foreign policy dispute regarding Australia’s export of live cattle to Indonesia (which I termed “Indonesian-Australian Meat Relations“). Back in Canberra this week for a

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Song Fa Success

A couple years back I tried to sample the bak kut teh at Song Fa in Clarke Quay, but was stymied. Yesterday, success. Like Ng Ah Sio, Song Fa features an intensely peppery and garlicky broth, so steaming hot as

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Meng Kee Grilled Fish

Last time I visited KL I sampled the delectable Marmite Frogs Legs at Wong Ah Wah, on Jalan Alor. This time, following the advice of HUNGRY GO WHERE, I ventured next door for the grilled fish at Meng Kee Grilled

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The Beef Ball Kees

Southeast Asia is famed for its rich and tasty soups. One variety that I had not much experience with in KL is beef noodle soup, the Malaysian cousin of pho and bakso. So, together with a friend, I tried today

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Why Hasn’t Indonesian Food Caught On in the US?

A post at Food Republic asks why Indonesian food hasn’t caught on in the U.S. The proposed answer is a tautology. It’s going to take a little exposure and popularity. It’s going to take perspective from chefs and restaurants to

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On the Disruption of GO-JEK

Back in 2004, when JMP and I were living in Jakarta, we often used Pesan Delivery [= order delivery] to get our favorite food delivered to our apartment. It was great, just call and tell them what you want and

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UBC Event: A New Era for Indonesia?

Coming up in a couple of weeks. To be accompanied by much eating of noodles, and perhaps a coffee shop.

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