Long Form Research Blogging: An Update

Almost two years ago I wrote down some thoughts about long form research blogging, inspired by my posts on Malaysia’s 2013 General Election. I wondered at the end of that post if the work that I had done would ever be given proper academic credit as part of a research article:

Can I revise these posts into a paper, then submit it to a journal? Or by publishing them online, have I made it impossible for me to produce a “real” publication—one with a CV entry, and that Google Scholar can find—because that would be self-plagiarism?

I have finally managed to pull some of these thoughts together into a paper on ethnicity and urbanization in GE13, which you can now read here. It draws on my two “Rural Versus Malay?” posts (here and here). Stay tuned for information about where you will be able to find the official published version.