Approximate Blogiversary

Sometime in late August 2004 JM and I set up the original version of this blog. (The dates are approximate because some of the earliest posts were lost long ago.)

Early 2005, Somewhere in KL

Early 2005, Somewhere in KL

Ten years on, here we are.
2014 in Ithaca

2014 in Ithaca

Here are the top 10 most viewed posts in the past two years, since migrating to the present address. Seems about right.

  1. I Went to a Prabowo Rally Today
  2. Final 2014 Polls and Predictions
  3. That Kristof Column
  4. How to Eat in Jakarta
  5. Subsidies that Work; or, Why is Good Food So Cheap in Germany and Expensive in Australia?
  6. The Act of Killing: A Review
  7. The Perilous Peer Review Process
  8. Chinese Indonesians, Then and Now
  9. Defining Neoliberalism
  10. Pie Charts or Bar Charts for Simple Comparisons?

Thanks for reading, readers.

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