Miscellaneous Scribblings

"Meow," by Little Girl Pepinsky, March 2014

“Meow,” by Little Girl Pepinsky, March 2014

A heavy teaching semester is never a great time to produce substantial new writing. However, I’ve been fortunate to find the time to produce a couple of short-ish pieces that cover the various streams of research that I’m working on these days. Click the links below to read more.

Authoritarianism: Logics and Institutions

My contribution to an upcoming symposium on authoritarianism in the APSA Comparative Politics section newsletter.

Disciplining Southeast Asian Studies

This is the text of a keynote address delivered to the Cornell Southeast Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference in February. A revised version with fewer oblique Anchorman references is currently under review.

The New Political Economy of Colonialism

This essay, for the forthcoming collection Emerging Trends in Social and Behavioral Sciences, traces the development of the interdisciplinary research program that I like to call the “new political economy of colonialism.”

The Political in Indonesian Islam

My paper for this year’s Association for Asian Studies meeting, part of a fascinating interdisciplinary panel entitled “When Is Politics?” on Islam and the idea of the political in Indonesia