Baden/Zurich Review

Short observations composed in the ultra-modern, ultra-clean, ultra-efficient Zurich airport.

  1. I can see the point now of the Reinheitsgebot. Give me the “bio-bier” from the Hausbrauerei Feierling over the Dogfish Head Whateverthehell any day of the week.
  2. Intercity train travel: love it.
  3. It is fun to hear Swiss train announcements in both German and French, but I wish they made announcements in Italian too (maybe they do that further south).
  4. It is just ridiculous that they don’t accept Euros in Switzerland. Every time you catch me dumping on the Euro, you should remind me of what Europe would be like without it.
  5. No matter what my Star Alliance status is, if US Airways can’t pay for its customers to have lounge access in Zurich…well, blog posts are composed in Zurich but posted in Philly.
  6. There are lots of affordable summertime apartment rentals in Freiburg. I’m just saying.