Teaching, Spring 2012

To mark the beginning of the semester, here are the syllabi for my three (!) courses that I’m teaching this semester. Each link is a PDF. I’ve also included the “sum it up in one picture” banner that I’m using for each course’s Blackboard site.

Comparative Methods. This is a grad seminar for PhD students in Government. I have heard earlier versions of this course described as “kinda like eating your vegetables.” UPDATE: I like vegetables, and I think everyone else should too. They also have the benefit of being good for you. All of this holds for comparative methods.


Asian Political Economy. This is an upper-level seminar for Government majors. It’s a new course—new to Cornell, and new to me—but anything that lets me talk about how neat it is that I’ve purchased several Korean-made consumer durables is bound to be interesting. Also, I get to counter the opportunistic Sinophilia among members of Cornell’s undergraduate community.


Southeast Asian Politics. This is a mid-level lecture course for anyone who cares about politics and/or Southeast Asia. I’ve taught this many times before, but never with so many students as this semester (75 as of last count).