Just a quick update: We have been in Yogyakarta for the past couple of days and have been really enjoying ourselves, but between touring around and my (TP’s) conference we have not had time to blog.  In short, here’s what’s up: We still really love it here, with the people being so nice and the Javanese culture playing such a big role.  And the weather has been cooperating extremely well.  Last night we went to a Ramayana Ballet performance at the big Hindu temple Prambanan (highly recommended, by the way) and I was downright chilly.  In the middle of the day it can’t be hotter than 85 degrees or so, and is probably closer to 80.  At any rate, very comfortable and a great surprise after Siem Reap.

We head back to Jakarta tomorrow evening.  We’ll try to blog tomorrow if we have a chance, but if not we’ll be in touch on Tuesday from there.

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  1. T July 20, 2008

    Hi. Interesting blog that I stumbled on earlier. If you don’t mind me asking…what exactly do you do over there? Are you students, professionals? Thanks

  2. dHarto..!! July 24, 2008

    nice blog with..
    nice info of traveling..
    beside Prambanan u can visit Parangtritis beach with sand hill like in the desert, Kraton (Sultan Palace) and Malioboro for shopping around.

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