I Just Ran into a Goat

I was walking down the street in downtown Jakarta and I ran into a goat.  A real live goat being led down the street by a guy.  And I mean, I ran right into it (I was busy sending a text message to JM and I wasn’t paying attention).  This was in the center of town, way far away from the fields where the goats roam.  I said "whoops" and the goat said "baaaaaa."  I think that the goat knew that he was on the way to becoming some satay.

In other weird news I happened to be out in BSD doing an interview this morning, so I stopped by JM’s music school.  The guys working there were having a heck of a time with what they were doing.  Which was: trying to move a grand piano onto a truck.  They had a little micro-pickup truck there and they wanted to move the grand piano to downtown Jakarta, where JM’s students will be playing it this evening.  Moving a piano is hard enough as it is, but doing so into a tiny pickup truck (and then expecting to drive it 30 miles to downtown without destroying it) makes it nearly impossible.  JM will report how it all went when she arrives.