I am the Unholy Master of Research Faux Pas

I have committed the dumbest research mistake ever. It is the type of mistake that only comes from using electronic communications, and copying and pasting messages. I recently addressed an email to a figure linked to the government by the wrong name–that of his bitterest opposition rival. Sheesh. It is just about as bad as if I were writing an email to a member of the DNC and address the email “Dear Mr. Vice President Cheney.” The worst is trying to figure out what to do about it. Do you send another email that corrects it? (This is what I ultimately did: “Please disregard the previous email.”) Do you ignore it? Many difficulties arise here. It would be much better if I just wrote letters out longhand, but in that case I would never trust that the letters would actually arrive.

That is the biggest news here. Getting interviews in Malaysia is much harder than in Indonesia, so I have fewer fascinating stories to report. But nevertheless, I’m making some progress, and JM and I are enjoying ourselves. Tonight we have a date with Scrabble, the same old Scrabble set that we used all last year, covered with soy sauce and curry stains.