James Arrived

James has arrived, which makes me less lonely.  It’s always fun to have a graduate student around to talk about the trials and tribulations of writing a dissertation.  It’s also always fun to see the differences between History and Political Science as academic disciplines.  For a political scientist, saying "you’re nothing more than a historian" is about the greatest insult.  For a historian, saying "you’re trying to be a political scientist" is about the greatest insult.  Good times.

The plan for today is to email my interviewees to confirm, and to send them all my new phone number (email me if you want it).  Besides that, maybe a swim and some shopping.  James may want to explore, but I should really try to write if I can.

So far I’ve had coto Makassar (beef offal soup) and sate kambing (goat satay).  Both were delicious.  The coto had wonderful bits of heart, kidney, liver, and tripe in an oniony broth.  The sate were classic Indonesian street food, grilled with a sweet soy and lime glaze, served with a sweet peanut and soy paste, and sprinkled with both raw and deep fried shallots.  That’s what I’m talking about.