Goodbye from Singapore

Singapore is still clean as ever.  We got in yesterday evening at 5:15 and headed off to our hotel in Changi Village, had a final street food dinner of wonton soup, oyster sauce vegetables and char siew, and then headed off to bed.  Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Singapore’s independence from Malaysia, so that was a big celebration.  When you think about it, 40 years just isn’t that long.

Malaysia seemed to be enticing us to leave, in a way.  The smog and smoke was so bad that the government issued warnings for children not to play outside and for people with respiratory illnesses to avoid non-essential exertion.  Both JM and I could notice the effects–JM’s allergies acted up, and I had a sore throat with a frog in it.  The reason for the unbelievable pollution is human activity, in this case the burning of rain forest land for cultivation.  Fire creates rich soil and clears the land for cheap.  Too bad rain forests have large economic value as well.

So that’s it for us in Southeast Asia.  Those of you in the US, we’ll see you soon; those of you in Indonesia and Malaysia, it’s been a blast.

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  1. marlinda September 22, 2005

    I love your blog. I don’t blog, just started to when my husband mentioned something recently. I must say, I really enjoy reading this, and it’s a shame that you are not going to update this *smiles*….I also have never met americans who really, really, really love their experience in South East Asia like both of you do. I am so pleasantly surprised that living only a yr there you managed to understand the language, learn the rudimentary things like cooking some of the food, and enjoying it to boot. I used to live in the States for almost 8 yrs, working after finishing school. And being malaysian, I must admit that I haven’t travelled as much as you guys had. Maybe I will when me and the baby (plus the husband) go home next spring :). Thank you so much for such an enlightening blog.

  2. mer October 27, 2005

    Wow, you guys are so articulate in explaining Indonesia, its culture and especially the food! When I read your postings for the first time, I thought one of you must be Indonesian… apparently I am wrong!
    Thanks for liking and appreciating Indonesia (I am Indonesian, btw).

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