Final Pictures Installment

This will probably be the last installment of pictures that we post.  It’s a good one though.  Some of it comes from our last week or so of roaming around KL, and the rest consists of updates from our friend Lindsey, who has sent picitures from her visit.  Her digital camera takes great pictures too.

  • Our album Around KL has pictures of the smoky haze that has enveloped KL in the past couple of days, JM’s coworkers, and some others.  Start here and scroll forward if you have been following along at home.
  • Culinary Delights now includes an extensive series on our favorite Malay wet market, plus a guy spinning roti canai and all sorts of goodies we have cooked lately (start here).
  • Langkawi has a bunch of new pictures, including monkeys, cats, a great sunset, and us driving a boat (start here).
  • Melaka has a couple new ones (start here).

It looks like our flights from Singapore to Tokyo and then Tokyo to the US are going to be very full.  Again, we are not complaining, for we are happy that United is still in business.

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