Nice Day at Little India

JM and Lindsey had a nice day of sightseeing and hanging out in KL’s Little India.  They both bought saris, and have modelled them for me, and I approve.  (Thoughout all of this I was at the library being a nerd.)  We met up for some exercise and then had a nice dinner at a Straits Chinese restaurant in KL’s Chinatown.  I (TP) ordered the Devil Curry, an aptly named fiery Portuguese-Malaysian dish, while they had more reasonable dishes.  We topped of the day with a spot of shopping for my sister (fake Coach bag has been secured) and a cab ride home with a crazy Indian Muslim cab driver who was intent on disagreeing with me on every topic I raised.

Tomorrow we head to Melaka (Malacca).  We’ll be back by late tomorrow night.