Back in KL

It turns out that this is a holiday weekend.  That’s nice because Monday is a holiday, but it’s difficult because that means that everyone is travelling.  That meant that we were unable to find transportation between Singapore and Malacca, so we had to return to KL instead.  It was a nice trip on the train, made more interesting by the presence of two very cute children in front of us that played hide and seek with me and Betsy for most of the trip.

Singapore was nice, but it’s good to be back home where things are familiar and prices are lower.  We hope to spend tomorrow walking around and  exercising.  A couple of days sampling local cuisine can really leave you feeling like a bump on a log.  Betsy has had an opportunity to taste a number of local specialties, including fish head curry, char siew (sweet roasted pork ribs), popiah (sort of like spring rolls), seafood noodles featuring octopus and cuttlefish, a Singapore Sling made with fresh juice at a nice restaurant, and the infamous stinky durian.  Let’s just say that Betsy was least taken by the durian.