Travelling in Singapore

Travelling in Singapore has been fun.  Betsy is a very capable traveller, and has been a pleasure to have along.  This is most amazing considering that she spent 17 hours on a plane, arrived at 5:30 in the morning, and then proceeded to spent the next 14 hours up and about with us.  We thought for sure that she’d need a break, but she had no problems until she crashed at 7:45 last night.  We all woke up at 8:00 this morning, rested and refreshed.

So far we have mostly just walked around downtown Singapore.  We have seen loads of interesting religious sights (Hindu temples, Taoist temples, Buddhist temples, etc.) and the colorful shops all over this area, which is nicely gentrified and comfortable.  We did get a chance to see the Singapore Botanical Gardens this morning, which was really quite spectacular, especially the Orchid Gardens.  We also went to a park in the center of the island where there were 25 monkeys playing right at our feet and throwing mangoes at us from the trees.  They missed, but not by much.

Tonight we may try to see a night safari at the zoo and to celebrate JM’s birthday.  Tomorrow we have plans to head to Melaka.  We’ll be in touch soon.

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  1. Jeff May 21, 2005

    Happy birthday Julie, and many happy returns! Is there a Malaysian birthday song? Hello Betsy, from the Dubya-Dubya Clan! It’s hard to image that you were snarfing down 3-hour mushrooms on your G’ma’s front porch just a few days ago, and now you’re about as far from Winston-Salem as you could get without leaving orbit. Glad you survived the flight.

  2. Julie May 21, 2005

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Jeff! I don’t know if there’s a Malaysian birthday song, chances are if we asked, they would laugh and say “Happy Birthday”.

  3. Betsy May 21, 2005

    It’s crazy isn’t it? I slept most of hte flight so that was nice. Singapore was great- we got to play with tiny little monkeys and visit the markets. Can’t wait to explore more of KL!

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