Several New Food Pictures

JM has added a couple of new pictures of Indonesian recipes that we have tried, including coconut chicken curry, sayur asem, and rendang daging (rich beef stew).  You will notice in the rendang pictures a progression from a whole lot of coconut milk to no coconut milk at all.  This is a new cooking process that we’ve never seen before in Asian cooking–reducing the coconut milk so far that all of the liquid evaporates and the oils in the milk end up frying the remaining solids.  Very cool, and produces the richest beef stew you’ve ever had.  Check out JM’s descriptions for more info.

On another food-related note, we have heard through the grapevine that we might be invited to the US Embassy’s Thanksgiving Day celebrations.  We hope so.  We wonder what the food would be like: we can imagine a lavish spread of all sorts of gourmet recipes, but also a really crappy meal of canned yams and cranberry sauce with warmed over smoked turkey and rehydrated potatoes.  In case we are not invited, though, you should all eat a piece of turkey and several slices of pie for us.  Mmmmm.  Pie.