Mmmm, Beefy!

I (TP) was all set to post about how we had discovered a new delicious kind of fried snack, and then JM comes up with “You know, I decided I didn’t really like that stuff after all.”

Reflecting on it, she thinks that it was just a little weird. Too sweet.

In our post about Masakan Padang we discussed dendeng sapi, which is the kind of beef brisket that is boiled, dried, pounded, and then deep-fried to a state of delicious crunchiness. It’s like deep-fried beef jerky–not that Slim Jim crap, the good stuff. Basically, a beef chip. We’ve now had chips with peanuts and chips with beef. Anyway, we haven’t been making dendeng for ourselves because we try to be moderately healthy (you know, we cut out the palm oil after only one month), but we found ready-dried Dendeng Super in the store yesterday that was just begging to be tried. So we bought some and fried it up yesterday.

The verdict: according to me, all signs point to delicious, but JM is not so sure. Oh well, more for me. Maybe we’ll bring some home so others can try it. We also found a recipe for it, homemade.

We also found out yesterday that tofu does, indeed, go bad. Pee-yoo! We didn’t eat it, of course, even though there is a Taiwanese dish (we’re told) called “smelly tofu.”

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  1. James October 27, 2004

    Stinky tofu rocks! Chou dofu! But I think it’s supposed to be stinky because they use lots of vinegar and stuff. Rancid tofu doesn’t sound like the best way to go.

  2. Tom October 27, 2004

    James, you are as observant as ever. How do you pronounce “chou dofu”?
    (By the way, we found Hainanese Chicken Rice. It’s only available at places directed towards expats, which leads us to believe it’s more Singaporean or Malaysian. It’s always under the part of the menu that says “Asian Favorites” or something like that.)

  3. james October 29, 2004

    chou dofu = cho do fu.
    Asian favorites, eh? Best stay away from those. Definitely not too legit to quit.

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