The Awards Are In

It is official: the title of Most Incredible Snack Ever–formerly jointly held by Wege’s Broken Pretzels and Hint-of-Lime Tostitos–has been successfully challenged by an unknown Indonesian challenger: krupuk kacang (KROO-pook kah-CHAHNG; crispy peanut nummies).

How many times have you, the discerning snacker, sat around and thought to yourself, “Self, isn’t it so inconvenient that I can’t eat chips and peanuts at the same time?” Well, now you can. We happened across the most amazing snack food yesterday while eating lunch. It’s a deep fried bit of puffed grain (perhaps rice, perhaps corn) with peanuts in it. Now, we know what you’re thinking, and no, this isn’t just some chip with a little peanut-y flavor. Look at it, kufr. Those are actual whole peanuts embedded in the chip.

(NB: Kufr is the Arabic word for non-believer, i.e. non-Muslim.)

Well thanks for that bit of enthusiasm Tom! I have to agree that this is a pretty cool snack, but I must disagree on the previous title holders (more along the lines of crispy M&Ms in my case). I’ve added a new picture folder of foods, check it out if you are not entirely sick of/bored with/or annoyed with our food ramblings of late. Sorry, it’s just that the food here really is that unique and delicious. I’ll also be consolidating older pictures into fewer folders to avoid clutter, just look around and you’ll find them. jm