Just the other day I heard of soldiers falling off some Indonesian junk that's going 'round

Now, unlike Cheap Trick’s lyrics here, we are not soldiers, and that “Indonesian junk” is not heroin. However, we have now both experienced Suharto’s revenge, and can confidently say that any of you who visit us might want to invest in some Imodium.

I want to echo JM’s words about the food that we had. Among the other delicacies that we have been experiencing is es campur (EHS CHAHM-poor; mixed-ice). Essentially, it’s like a grown-up snow cone. It consists of ice cubes; various unidentified fruits and some familiar ones like coconut, durian, lychee; and a sweet syrup. It might be the single most refreshing thing that we’ve ever eaten on a hot day. The food carts around Indonesia often feature a man with a ton of fresh fruit and an ice box who might offer specialized es kelapa muda (EHS kuh-LAH-pah MOO-dah; young-coconut-ice), es mangga (EHS MAHNG-gah; mango-ice), or any other type. The only thing stopping us from eating them all the time is that you cannot count on ice quality here, especially from dudes walking around with carts in the streets. Suharto’s revenge, you see.

Tonight we’re off to the grocery store to restock our supplies. We have brought our camera, and will be taking pictures of the various strange foods that we have been encountering.