Weekend Plans

Well we have an official outing planned for this weekend, we just don’t know what it is yet. Apparently, there is a “retreat” for those at the Freedom Institute this weekend and we have been invited along. We’re not sure exactly where we’re going or what we’re doing, but the people all seem eager for us to come along. We think it would be silly to pass up an opportunity to travel with locals, as it is usually a great way of getting around. We probably won’t be able to post on Saturday but we’ll be back with tales of our adventures on Sunday or Monday. (jm)

Despite the suspicious description of our outing provided by my associate here, it’s going to be fine, so nobody should worry. I think that it’s a big group, and we’re only going about an hour away or so. I believe it may be someplace up in the hills southeast of here, which suggests that it might be refreshingly cool out. And quiet and clean too.

By the way, there are new pictures up of our apartment complex that you may want to check out. (tp)

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  1. Jeff October 2, 2004

    Two questions, unrelated to your current or previous posts (postings?):
    The first is about the great photos. In a few of the cityscape shots from your apartment, the somewhat distant buildings are nearly obsured. Is that fogs/clouds, or urban smog. (In other pictures the sky looks very blue.)
    The second question is about the level of interest there in the first US presidential debate. From scanning headlines I gather that many in Europe tuned in. Were folks where you are interested and watching?
    Oh, and here’s an exclamation point for you Julie (I wouldn’t want you to run out).

  2. Julie and Tom October 3, 2004

    The cityscape shots are marred by, yes, haze and smog. Jakarta is a big smelly place, and the lack of regulations against leaded gasoline is a real issue.
    As far as the debates go, they got a blurb in the English-language press here, and they are on the news. Right now, though, the focus seems to be on the Australian elections, which happen this week, we think. We’re sure that the run-up to the Prez elections will feature more coverage.
    (thanks for the !-jm)

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