Photos are here!

We have received multiple requests to use more first person in our blogs, so we’re going to try and each write some of our own thoughts. Let us know what you think. We may use our initials to make it clear who is writing, but by now you’ve probably all figured who does the political commentary and who writes exclusively with exclamation points! (now you know who’s writing)
I’ve been working on the site today, and we’ve now got some pictures up. This is just a start and needs editing, so please excuse any typos, etc. that you find. (Tom says “All you need is Patience. Yeeeaaah”- I don’t know what this means) We hope you enjoy them.
A funny anecdote before you get to the political musings below. I was sitting in Tom’s cubicle today and noticed a large amount of activity as workers ran in and out. It soon became apparent that it was pouring outside and that they were looking for leaks. I figured this out when a waterfall started from the ceiling in the next cubicle. I’ve seen ceilings leak before, but boy this was something else. I can’t wait for the rainy season!

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  1. eeee October 1, 2004

    Great pictures, thanks for posting them!! (Apparently the use of exclamation points is genetic, it seems to run in families!)Looking forward to more pictures. One question, though, are you SURE that large vase isn’t straight, and Julie isn’t crooked?

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