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U.S.-Indonesian Relations at a Crossroads

The U.S. and Indonesia have enjoyed good bilateral relations since the late 1960s, when the rise of Soeharto saw the elimination of the world’s largest communist party in a non-communist country. Relations have been grown warmer since the fall of

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The Culture of Political Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia

What do Jokowi‘s Mental Revolution and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi‘s Islam Hadhari have in common? They are both normative expressions of desire for a new kind of politics that is more ethical, just, humane, and progressive, even if they differ in

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It Gets Worse in Indonesia

Indonesia is in the midst of a dramatic upswing in anti-LGBT discourse. It has resulted in, for example, the national broadcasting regulator ruling that men on TV are not allowed to “talk like a woman,” Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu alleging

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Islam and Violence: Why “Religiosity” is the Wrong Question

In the wake of the horrible mass shootings in San Bernardino by one Syed Farook, media attention and commentary has turned immediately to the question of his religiosity. Knowing whether or not Farook has become “more religious” recently, the logic

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Religious Regulation in Indonesia and Malaysia

Several weeks ago the Monkey Cage published an essay by Daniel Philpott on religious freedom in Muslim majority countries. The essay makes two important points: (1) that many Muslim majority countries are open to multiple faiths, and (2) that religious

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Muslim Democracy: Why Not Look to Indonesia?

John Owen has a recent essay at the Monkey Cage entitled “What history says about the prospects for Islamic democracy.” It makes the case that democracy is entirely feasible in Muslim countries, but it may be unlikely in the near

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How Piety Varies among Indonesian Muslims

Here are some figures from my current book project on piety among Indonesian Muslims. We—Bill Liddle, Saiful Mujani, and I—have constructed a measure of piety at the individual level that encompasses beliefs, rituals, and behavior. We rely heavily on this

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Miss Indonesia Sports Hammer-and-Sickle T-Shirt

…and it causes a minor scandal. Here is an article, in Indonesian. And here is the offending image. Puteri Indonesia 2015 @anindyakputri memakai kaos berlambang komunis, silakan @TNI_AD dan @KOPASSUS_id tindak lanjut — Prasetiyo Yudhi (@mas_prasetiyo) February 23, 2015

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On the “Racism” of Charlie Hebdo

In the wake of the horrific murders at the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, you may find dozens commentaries on free speech, on hate speech, on Islam, on integration, and what the killings tell us about all of that. (There

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Is Indonesia an Unusual Muslim Country?

I’m currently finishing up the first draft of a book manuscript on Islam and political economy in Indonesia. One of the arguments that I aim to make is that an intense study of the Indonesian case is broadly relevant for

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