A Final Migration

Several years ago I finally bit the bullet and migrated this blog from my original host, indolaysia.typepad.com, to its current host at Cornell. I migrated because the Typepad site was clunky and expensive, and didn’t give me the flexibility that I wanted.

Alas, I didn’t investigate the Cornell blogs option as much as I should have. The hosting is free, which is wonderful, but it comes through a commercial vendor (Edublogs) whose platform is based on a restricted implementation of WordPress. The restrictions didn’t matter too much at the beginning, but over time they have come to annoy me.

I also goofed and kept the old name (Indolaysia), because at the time most of my posts were still travel reports from Southeast Asia. The scope of the blog has expanded since then, and it no longer makes as much sense as it once did.

So now what I hope is a final move, to tompepinsky.com, hosted at WordPress.com, which has much more flexibility. Starting on Monday morning the posts from blogs.cornell.edu/indolaysia will redirect automatically to the new site. The new site also integrates my standard research page (formerly the clunky and hand-coded courses.cit.cornell.edu/tp253) onto the same site.

The new blog posts will appear at tompepinsky.com/blog, and the new site’s RSS feed is https://tompepinsky.com/feed/. So if you want to follow the new posts after this one, head over to your reader and add the new feed. And as always, thanks for reading.