The Fiscal Cliff, Stabilization Games, and David Frum

David Frum has an interesting article at the Daily Beast on the failure of the GOP “Plan B.” The basic argument is that most all Republicans wanted some sort of resolution, but to have voted against whatever resolution was passed.

For almost any given Republican, the best possible outcome of the Plan B negotiations would have been for Plan B to pass – but for that particular Republican to vote nay.

The argument is pretty compelling, coming from a GOP insider. It also bears a striking resemblance to my analysis of the debt ceiling negotiations back in July 2011, which I called Stabilization Games. There are obvious differences in our analyses, but our core insights are the same. Maybe Frum reads Indolaysia?

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  1. Emmanuel Azuma January 8, 2013

    I find the Republican position a little bit absurd. How can you say no and have yes result. “You can never eat your cake and have”. Sometimes it is very had understanding Politicians and their motives.

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