Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Petronas

A small news item of note for Malaysianists: as of today, the last U.S. defendant in United States v. Carson has pled guilty to violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The indictment charges that “corrupt payments totaling approximately $1 million [were paid] to officers and employees of state-owned companies,” one of which was Petronas, Malaysia’s national petroleum company. The crimes took place in 2004-5.

This should be big news for Malaysians and for scholars of Malaysian politics. Petronas is among the most reputable of Malaysia’s multinational firms, and it is a key player in Malaysian corporate politics.

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  1. Tom June 16, 2012

    The amounts are indeed small, but the point is that this is Petronas, Malaysia’s flagship multinational and without a doubt the most reputable Malaysian firm.

  2. Tom June 16, 2012

    Most reputable among the corporate giants, of course. Lots of reputable Malaysian firms that you and I’ve never heard about.

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