If I Had This Car, I Would Listen to Van Halen In It

Ford Falcon Ute


This car was parked next to my office today. A shiny new jet black Ford Falcon Ute. Check it out. Spoiler? Check. Roll-bar? Check. Official Ripcurl detailing? Check. Bed cover? Check. 15 inch rims? Check. This vehicle says, “you know, I don’t need a second row of seats, but I’m not looking for anything too useful for real work.”

If I had this car, I would listen to Van Halen in it. I would load up the bed with a couple sixers of Bartles and Jaymes, drive it to the beach, and have a cook out with Elisabeth Shue and the other girls from the Valley. I would lean my arm out the window, rip off my Ray-Bans really fast, and make it clear to that no, YOU don’t know what you’re talking about (RIP, mulletsgalore). I don’t think I’m alone. You can’t tell me that Ford couldn’t sell 50,000 of these sweet babies a year in US.

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