More Adventures

EP and I (JMP) have done a little more exploring around Canberra in the last few days.  Yesterday we went to the National Botanic Gardens, conveniently located about 8 minutes from our place.  It actually took a bit longer due to a wrong turn that literally led us up a small mountain.  It was not entirely a waste of time though because the view from the top was stunning, even from the car.  There is a tower up at the top that one can go up to get a better look and I’m hoping to do that (with the camera) soon.  Upon coming back down I found the correct turn and we had a nice time exploring the botanic gardens a little.  We didn’t get very far in because EP tends to zig and zag and get distracted but we saw some of the Tasmanian rainforest section, lots of wonderful smelling Eucalyptus trees, and a bunch of Paperbark trees which I had never seen before and looked just like their names indicate.  We also saw (and heard) some truly wild birds, I will try to get some pictures of them as well.

Today we tried to go to a story time at a local library but it didn’t take place because it is apparently a school holiday right now.  I wasn’t the only one who was confused, there were lots of other kids there roaming around.  This town of Dickson was only a short 10 minute drive from the center of Canberra but felt like an entirely different place.  Next to the library was a rather extensive pedestrian area with a butcher, baker, cafe or two and a pharmacist.  It was quite charming and it was a fun place for us both to watch the locals go about their days.  The best part though was the grocery store.  We’ve been going to a grocery store at the giant mall complex downtown and I had forgotten from our days in Indonesia and Malaysia how annoying it is to try to buy a week’s worth of groceries and then have to haul heavy bags through the mall and parking garage to the car.  Turns out this is even harder to do with a toddler.  So I am excited that we found a place with its own parking lot.  This and the fact that we found a Target (actually quite different from the ones at home) have been the things that excited me most since we got here.  Funny how times change.

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