More on the Intricacies of Malaysian Law

OK, JMP and I are trying to parse this potential complication to Anwar’s charge in the syariah courts.  According to the news today, qazaf may not apply.  As the New Straits Times writes,

Zainul Rijal, who is Syariah Lawyers Association president, said
section 41 states that a person has committed qazaf when he accuses
someone else of committing zina [presumably, this means "without the proper evidence"].

Under section 2 of the code, zina is defined as sex between a man and a woman who are not bonded by wedlock, Zainul Rijal said.

"The code does not state that zina is equivalent to liwat, which is sex between a man and another man," he said.

An individual would be committing qazaf only when he claims that "someone else" had committed zina.

means that Mohd Saiful would have had to accuse Anwar and someone else,
not Anwar and himself, of zina," Zainul Rijal said.

So whatever, still very confusing.  Maybe Anwar’s move wasn’t so genius after all.