For Future Reference

The Malaysian Parliament has free wireless.  It is also very luxurious inside, with a very modern Islamic architectural style, plush rugs, and delicious air conditioning (especially since I walked about a mile to get here in my wool pants and with my tweed jacket and computer bag).  Outside, the building is a bit more institutional-looking, displaying a style that my college friends and I used to refer to as "1950s institutional"; i.e. poured cement and weird window-facings with metal-rimmed windows.  It looks a lot like what your college library probably looks like.

Seeing as I’ll be here for awhile, you may get additional updates.

UPDATE: They know how to do it up right here.  Tuxedo’d waiters in the canteen, along with tasty coffee.  I’m probably the only one here who brought my own lunch, but then again, I’m the only Mat Salleh here too and the only guy in a tweed jacket, so it’s nothing new.

A note on the socio-economic classes here:  All of the speech in the actual Parliament sessions is extremely formal, textbook Malay that I can understand very well.  Then you see people here in the lobby chatting, and it’s always in their home language: Chinese in Cantonese or Hokkienese or something, Indians in Tamil, and Malays in…English.  I wonder what percentage of the Malays MPs here were students at Malay College Kuala Kangsar, know as the Eton of the East.