Signing Off, Over the Northern Atlantic

Singapore Airlines is absolutely great.  When’s the last time your American Airlines flight offered free wireless access?  I’m a couple hours away from JFK, and since the trip to Indonesia is over, the blog goes again on hiatus.  JM and I plan a trip to Malaysia this summer, so you may yet hear from us again.

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  1. sisca April 22, 2006

    I just come across your blog. Unfortunately, it was too late. You’ve already left Jakarta. I don’t know if you can’t find banana leaves in supermarket, there’s always traditional market, which I believe you’ve probably to go in there (smelly & “becek”). Well anyhow it’s nice to see all the picture and it’s nice to hear that you have a ‘tough’ stomach (could handle all that diversities of food).

  2. maria~ April 28, 2006

    awesome blog. too bad i just found it today (april 27, ’06). nevertheless. the pictures and past blogs allow me to savor the good ol’ indonesia i haven’t seen in two years. i’m so jealous! i can’t wait to go home!

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