My Goodness

We don’t think we’ve mentioned this yet, but guess what?  We leave Malaysia on Tuesday afternoon, local time.  It’s almost beyond our comprehension that we have been in Southeast Asia for almost 11 months.  It seems like just the other day we got to Malaysia, and just a couple days before that that we first get to Indonesia.  We travel to Singapore for a night, then on to Tokyo, then we split up to visit our families on the two coasts before heading back to New Haven at the end of August.

What does this mean for you, readers?  Well, there may only be a few of you, but unfortunately we do not plan on continuing to blog when we return home.  It’s been fun, but we feel that it’s something unique to our time abroad.  We will of course leave the blog online for at least a month or so, but we don’t expect to do any more posts after we leave from Singapore.  So, you’ll have to find another time waster, and so will we.  It also means that you Indonesian and Malaysian teenie-boppers who google the lyrics to "Ada Apa Denganmu" and leave snotty comments about how crappy our translation is will just have to find someone else to bother.  Note to children: translating crappy poetry is hard.

What it means for us is, we are in the process of getting ready to pack, finishing up research, doing last minute souvenir shopping, re-confirming tickets on United (which, to our pleasant surprise, has not gone under since we left), and deciding where our last meals will be.  We think that we’ll need to get at least one more roti canai from the Central Market, one more order of masala thosai and appam from the roti man in Bangsar after some sate and popiah from the night market, one more gluttonous feast of Lebanese food at the Islamic Arts Museum, one more stroll through the Malay wet market around Masjid India for sweets and nasi lemak, and one more trip to Jalan Alor for Chinese grilled fish and fried kangkong.

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  1. Jeff August 4, 2005

    It’s been a real treat for me to have been a desktop traveler through your blog. Thanks. Pat all the kitties once or twice before you leave, but don’t try to pack one in your suitcase, and remember to get something to bring back for Voltron. Safe travelling on your trip home.

  2. Tom and Julie August 5, 2005

    We’re glad you’ve enjoyed it, Jeff. The cats will have to stay here, but getting back to Voltron will be worth it.

  3. fazu August 9, 2005

    Same here. I’ll miss your site.
    Re: snotty comments on translation of “Ada apa denganmu?” – I went back to check out the comments. Amazing how seriously people take this kind of things.

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