Back from Langkawi

JM, Lindsey, and I have returned safely from our whirlwind island adventure in Langkawi.  This trip was simply great.  We took lots of great pictures and will be sure to put them in our photo albums as soon as possible, but here are some highlights.

  • Several troops of monkeys that terrorized our hotel, including one cheeky fellow who jumped onto our table at breakfast this morning in search of toast.
  • Very noisy geckos who seem to have provided the inspiration for Yoshi from Super Mario III.
  • An awesome cable car ride up 2000 feet into the air on a craggy mountain.
  • A gourmet restaurant and art gallery connected to a boutique hotel with seven traditional Malay houses and, wouldn’t you know it, a cat rescue center, meaning that over 100 cute kitties accompanied us for our dinner.
  • Another dinner at a secluded Thai restaurant–Dr. Mahathir’s own brain-child–set deep in a mangrove swamp.
  • Snorkeling and swimming with clown fish, grouper, barracuda, and some two-meter long sharks, plus a chance for me and Lindsey to drive a giant boat.

All in all, a very nice time.  Langkawi comes highly recommended.

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  1. Dave July 5, 2005

    Yoshi was from Super Mario World, not SMB III. Oh, how the memory goes (sigh)

  2. Tom July 5, 2005

    I must be an idiot. Actually, these geckos make a noise that sounds less like Yoshi, and more like what Lawrence’s impression of Yoshi sounded like. Wwwreee-wrow!

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