A Visitor

We are very excited that our friend Lindsey arrived today, in remarkably good shape for having flown 20 hours plus a few more for layovers.  We had a fun day walking around Chinatown and eating roti canai for lunch (yum), followed by a lazy afternoon in the pool, and then dinner at a Chinese hawker stall.

Tomorrow I (jm) have to go to work to help out with a pre-depature orientation for some kids going off to college in America, and I think Lindsey will come along.  Hopefully it will be an entertaining adventure, and we’ll get to meet some students going off to the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Minnesota (don’t ask me why these schools- the national oil company Petronas is sponsoring them and that may have something to do with it).  So Lindsey will be able to tell half of them all about Colorado, as she is currently living in Boulder.  Unfortunately we don’t have anyone from Minnesota, so the other half are out of luck.

On Saturday morning we’re heading up to Langkawi, an island off the northwest coast of Malaysia close to the Thai border and we’re really looking forward to that.  If it is half as beautiful as the pictures in the guidebooks make it look, it should be a nice trip.