Mari Kita Ucapkan Selamat kepada JM

As the title here says, congratulations are in order for JM, who will (unless anything unexpected happens) be Adjunct Professor of Music at Southern Connecticut State University for the Spring 2006 semester.  With any luck, she will be able to pick up a class or two for the Fall 2005 semester as well–the teaching line-up is currently full, but people sometimes to drop out unexpectedly.

JM is still looking for other options for teaching this coming year.  If any reader is an administrator at a Connecticut college who requires an adjunct to teach music history/theory or flute, or knows of any job openings in the international student advising department, please let us know.

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  1. Julie June 19, 2005

    Thanks Jeff! It’s actually really not much of an accomplishment- Tom didn’t mention that I was doing this already last year and just managed to keep in contact and got a spot back. I am excited at having another shot at teaching though, it will be fun to go back over my notes and decide what I should change this time around!

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