Picture Delinquency

We’ve been delinquent in our posting of pictures lately.  So we’ve been working on remedying this.  As a first installment, you can check out all of the pictures of food that we promised to post in the past couple months.  We have here curry laksa (picture, recipe), nasi kerabu (picture, recipe), and gulai ikan (picture, recipe).

You can also find here some more pictures in our folder of Scenes from KL.  For those following along at home as we post them, the new ones begin here.  The pictures mostly deal with our favorite place to get Chinese-style seafood, at a hawker center.  For the cat lovers out there, make sure that you scroll through to find the pictures of the cats on a motorcycle.

Our next picture project will involve putting all the pictures that we have taken from Betsy’s trip online.  We have a bunch of good orchid pictures and monkey pictures, and we might be able to scrounge up a picture of me (TP) digging into a big plate of fish head curry or a snapshot of JM and Betsy all dressed up in Islamic garb for a visit to a mosque.