Betsy's Last Day

Betsy’s last day has been fun.  We took a final trip out for roti chanai at Betsy’s request and did some shopping in the morning, and then spent the middle of the day at the Lake Gardens district of KL.  The Lake Gardens area contains a bunch of neat things, including an orchid park, a hibiscus garden, a butterfly garden, the World’s Largest Enclosed Outdoor Aviary, and a deer park featuring local species of deer.  We got to see the flowers and deer, and they were pretty cool.  The deer at the park included the tiny kancil, or mouse deer, which is no bigger than a small dog.

We also got a chance to stroll through a memorial to Tun Abdul Razak, the second PM of Malaysia.  Nothing says Southeast Asia like big memorials to political figures which laud their vision, smarts, and political independence from global economic trends.  Razak gets the sobriquet "Father of Development" (Bapa Pembangunan), just like Soeharto has for Indonesia.  The museum, while interesting from an ironic social science standpoint, was good for our purposes for little other than its wonderful air conditioning.

We capped off our day with a nice dinner at the revolving restaurant Seri Angkasa at the top of the Menara KL, the world’s fourth tallest tower.  According to one source, the tower is "a member of
            the prestigious World Federation of Great Towers," which seems a little like me being part of the prestigious World Federation of People Whose Initials are TP.  The views from the restaurant were pretty amazing, especially those of the Petronas Towers.  It was quite a good meal, and we had a nice time, but it is sad to think that we have to get back to real life starting tomorrow.