Back online!

Well we’ve got internet.  The hardest part was getting in touch with the guy at the office, we kept missing each other when trying to set up a time for the guys to come.  They were supposed to come at 10 this morning, and sure enough, at 10:10 two guys showed up.  One had a really big drill and drilled a hole in the concrete next to our door.  Then he ran a cable in from the hall,  and the other guy messed around for a while.  Thirty minutes later, voila, internet.  This is quite exciting.  And we even found a way of getting it which avoided having to get a land phone line first (along with the $600 deposit that was going to require). 

We’ve got some more new photos up, mostly from our walk around Chinatown this weekend so check those out in the Around KL photo album on the right.

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  1. Jeff March 3, 2005

    Tom, you’ve talked a lot about Indonesia, Malaysia, Politics and Food on this site. Not so much about Music though, so I thought I’d let you know that, as I’m typing, Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” is playing on the radio. This is forced synchonicity.
    Oh, now it’s over.

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