Short Post to Beat Traffic

We did not see the State of the Union address, but JM has reported that she read in the news that Bush is not ready to pull out of Iraq yet, or even to make any plans yet.  This, I (TP) believe, is the right thing to do.  We have invaded a sovereign nation and imposed a new political system, and we had better make sure that we do this right.  It’s sad, because we want everyone we know in Iraq to come home, but this mission must be done completely.  Now, as for the plans for when to pull out, which Bush does not want to make yet, I would offer two general guidelines.  (1) When Iraqi security forces can safely and effectively police the nation, or when (2) the coalition occupation has made things so bad that more Iraqis are dying because of it that are being saved.  Lest I be accused of not loving freedom, I really hope we have (1).

On a totally unrelated note, you like tofu?  Well, would you eat this?